Homeschooling Due to School Violence Discussed

Not long ago, there was yet another Columbine-like mass school shooting in Connecticut. Consider if you will the violence in our schools, the behavior of the kids, and the lack of ability of the school system to give our children the proper education for our technologically advanced society. After this most recent shooting many people said we needed more gun control of assault rifles.

Well, if we are going to charge the tools used by an individual to carry out a crime, then we must take away everyone’s car, so they don’t use it in a bank robbery. We must close all the school so no one has a place to congregate. And while we’re at it we should close all the malls and movie theaters as well. Are you beginning to see my point and how shallow that argument is for gun control?

Still, if we can’t trust our schools to protect our children, maybe we shouldn’t send them to school anyway. First, I’d like to say that our schools are doing a lousy job of educating our kids, and many of the kids and young adults coming out of our colleges do not have the skills, temperament, mindset, education, ability, talent, or anywhere close to the experience needed to make it in our technologically advanced society.

You know this is a problem, and it’s not something I need to tell you. Rather what I’d like to suggest today is that perhaps you do your own homeschooling, and rid your kids of these terrible violent challenges in our schools. Not to mention the proverbial “bullying” or prisonlike atmosphere when your child gets a rotten teacher who doesn’t care, and is only there due to their tenure.

Indeed, I suppose there are many moms who do homeschooling in that small town of Connecticut where the elementary school Sandy Hook shooting took place. Their kids are alive, well, and safe. They won’t have the emotional scars to deal with that those other kids will who did watch their classmates, teachers, and the school staff shot up, and killed. May I ask why we send our kids off to school in the first place?

If the schools are not doing a good job teaching our children, and if there is a chance that they could be hurt or killed in the violent act, then why on Earth would we send them to such a place? There also challenges with child molestation teachers from time to time, and other crazy things which happen. Who needs that for our children? If you love your children, you might consider not sending them to school at all. Why would you wish them to be brainwashed by an authoritative system that can’t even protect them?

Rather than taking away everyone’s guns because some deranged individual shot up some kids in school, why not take away all the schools, save the money, and tell the teachers unions “we don’t need you anymore?” I’d say this latest shooting is yet another good reason to homeschool your kids. Please consider all this and think on it.