What You Should Know About Mistakes in Home Schooling

What You Should Know About Mistakes in Home Schooling

We hear so many different things about home schooling these days. It’s either all good or the complete opposite of it. It all depends on who we’re hearing it from.

Home schooling, however, is just like the traditional educational system. It has its good points, but there are certainly down sides to it as well. Most of the problem that is attributed to it is in the mistakes committed by the parents who chose to school their kids at home.

If you are also planning on pursuing home schooling for your own kids then you have to learn to stay away from the common mistakes made by parents in this field. Here are some of those common mistakes so you can avoid them.

1. One of the most common mistakes made by over-eager parents who are trying out home-based education for the first time is over scheduling. In their eagerness to educate their kids with so many things they would come up with a lot of activities that would cram up their kid’s day.

Don’t ever do that because soon you will burn out and you’ll be feeling that everything is a burden. Everything should be in moderation.

2. At the other end of the spectrum is under scheduling. You might fail to come up with enough activities that soon your kids will become bored with inactivity. That can lead to more serious problem such as the child losing interest in studying.

3. Another major mistake that you can commit is to set expectations that are so unrealistic that there is no way that your child could meet them. You might be tempted to expect that your child would excel academically when you switch to home schooling, because of all the glowing reports that you have heard about it. While it is okay to expect good from your child, you need to temper those expectations with what your child is realistically capable of doing.

4. Another mistake that many parents commit when they switch to home education is when they do not assign a specific study area where their kids can work. You can’t just expect them to learn while in front of the TV. You should set aside a whole room where they can be free from distractions and all.

5. Forgetting the importance of taking breaks is another important mistake that many parents make. By taking breaks at the most crucial moments such as when your child is experiencing a really hard time with their lesson, you could give them the much needed breather.

6. Don’t allow yourself to become slaves of routine. After some time this could be a real problem for parents and children alike. They would just see things as something that they would have to do.

7. Perhaps one mistake that many parents are making without realizing that they are in the wrong is that they try to accomplish home schooling all on their own. There are many groups that were founded for families that want to educate their kids at home. Becoming part of a network of like-minded parents and student could be the difference in your child’s success or failure.