Weave the Magic With Website Translation

The whole world does not speak English, though this is a common misconception. In fact, Mandarin Chinese is the language spoken by a majority of the world’s population, probably because of the sheer numbers that inhabit China. This is followed by Spanish with English coming in at third place. When the aim is to communicate with as many people who have access to the internet, to think that any one language is sufficient is not what will grease the wheels of commerce or throw light on the shadows of web pages and website content.

Global websites, local tongues

A 2006 survey has found that 52.4% of the target group preferred to buy products online if the information contained was in their native language. Even more surprisingly, 56.2% said that language was more important to them than price. The most astonishing part is that the target sampled belonging to highly developed nations with high per capita incomes like Germany, Japan and France among others. English does not always rule the internet seas. Realise this when you are trying to be a global hit. Website Translation should most definitely enhance your Web page response.

A picture PLUS a thousand words

We all know the old jungle saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. No doubt, layouts, graphics, fonts and pictures are essential to captivate the eye, but words are equally important. When a web page or website needs to reach a variety of target audiences belonging to different countries, cultures and languages, words you WILL require translation for effective communication. Even if the target audience knows the language of the website/ page, the degree of comfort that their native language induces is certain to be greater.

Keyboard mightier than the sword

Websites should sport copy that engages customer interest and enthuses them to journey further into the content. The power of the written word should not be underestimated. When the website or webpage expects cross country traffic (and this is increasingly a real need), translation should be of a class that is able to capture the essence of the language and engage the audience.

In businesses that are moving to different pastures, nothing says that you value your clients more than communicating in their language. The effort put in also reassures your clients that you are in the business for the long haul.

Web page & Website Translation: hit it!

Effective translation means hitting the bull’s eye when you aim for your target audience. It opens up many new domestic and international markets. For example, in a multilingual country like India, no one language will suffice; neither is English adequate. In fact, even in an “English speaking” country like the USA, some billboards sport Spanish as do signs in public places: web content should follow suit. Untapped markets should be targeted to significantly increase business and revenue. Never let language be a barrier.

Haute couture or Off-the- rack?

Companies invest time, effort and money in designing and maintaining websites and web pages. It would be a big mistake if they were to dilute this investment by going in for translation plug-ins for browsers. This might open up the door to mistranslations. Not only does the website then lose its slick feel, it might offend or frustrate the browser and may actually be worse than no translation at all. Web page and website translation should be handled by professionals who can get the meaning right no less than the grammar and can translate copy so that it does not lose the shine of the original.

The God Google

PANDA is an algorithm (basically, the process for computer operations) that has been updated on Google’s search results. It measures the quality of a site and displays search contents in a high to low sequence with, obviously, the high quality sites near the top of the search results. So, if a website is to be high up the ladder, then some investment in good and interesting translation of copy is necessary when people search in their native languages. If you want to be found internationally, let your translated content be the beacon that guides the searcher to your website.

Direct more traffic to your site

Professional and skilled translation is the additional padding on a website. For example, if you are a marketing company doing business internationally, your product is only as attractive as your site and translation itself will go a long way in attracting more traffic. Even if every click does not mean another buyer you improve your chances by making your presence felt. Increased traffic also means increased brand recall.

The customer/ client have always been king. This is the basic premise that every website and page design must keep in mind. If you want to stand out from the competition, want to impress clients, want to widen scope or lengthen reach, skilled translation is what will take your website or page to the top of the search results.

Take that step to reach the top.