Lab Water Purification System – An Essential Lab Component

Lab Water Purification System – An Essential Lab Component

When we say essential, there are no options left for clemency in terms of that component. Especially when the equipment is a water purification system that provides ultra purified water for analytical laboratory applications. This is absolute in terms of water quality that we cannot compromise on, as we have the responsibility of each application we use this water for. A successful lab is which does analytical work with a lot of credibility in terms of trust, ruggedness & repeatability. A successful lab is where there are no scope of repetitions or issues with their analytical system, chemicals/reagents, analyst or most important- Lab grade water system.

Let’s take an example of basic analysis on HPLC-High Performance Liquid Chromatography where ultra-pure water is involved at various stages such as Mobile Phase preparation, HPLC injector cleaning port, sample preparation for neat and for various matrices if required. Each of the analyst know that these are the only steps to run a chromatogram which principally means ultra-pure water must be consistent 24×7. We cannot skip even a step here to use a substandard grade of water, which can fall into the repercussion of failure, loss of trust on a laboratory. These (HPLC) are the basic technologies and a best lab cannot spend much of the time troubleshooting them for a reason which can be easily avoided. Though we have other advanced technologies like LCMS which also has the same hyphenated technologies but the roots or base here too is HPLC. So, we will not be able to take control on contamination of Mass spectrometry, if are wrong at HPLC.

It is difficult to keep an eye on all these factors and to monitor the quality of each drop of ultra-pure water dispensed from system to ensure reliability. Ultrapure water needs to be controlled for quality check of conductivity and organic parameter which plays a major role in every step mentioned above. The relief here is that one need not be in front of the water purification system to monitor the system, as one can be on the run and still be able to see the functioning and parameters check from distance. It is not only for the quality, but also for the inventory management. This is a huge plus for the lab managers who have the responsibility for more than one laboratory.

In principle, we can consolidate that this is only for the laboratory with good practices who want to take one step ahead of the laboratories with conventional approaches who wait for a situation where they need to look back on what went wrong.

In the end of the day it’s a great feeling to have an error free environment and adore the success.